Black Bear Film Festival and Historic Milford Theatre

Both JoAnne and I had a great meeting with Jerry Beaver the other day.  We talked about all things film.  Jerry is a wealth of information and he had some excellent advice on a couple of projects that JoAnne and I are involved in.  Creative criticism, creative critique, creative advice.  The key word being creative!  It also makes it very easy when you respect someone.

Jerry, come by anytime.  See you at the Milford Theater soon! JoeD

“Jerry Beaver – A native Pennsylvanian born in Gettysburg and raised in Harrisburg, who attended the Mercersburg Academy, Jerry has lived in Pike County for 29 years. A casting director for film, theatre and TV commercials; his firm has been active in Manhattan for 25 years where he is known for discovering many now-famous actors. Jerry founded the Black Bear Film Festival in 2000 and purchased the Historic Milford Theatre.   He lives in Shohola, Pa.” ~Focus Media

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

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