The Land of Milk and Honey

It seems in the last ten to fifteen years that I have started a lot of dialogue with a similar phrase.  It’s something like: “The world is moving at light speed.” “I can’t imagine you could possibly do that.” or “I wish this technology was available three decades ago.”  That type of verbiage.  There aren’t too many things in this world that are extremely important to me.  There are the obvious: family, friends, and career, most everything that is free.  Something very precious happened to me Sunday morning.  I received a phone call from a very dear friend, Simon Jacob.  You could feel the warmth, happiness, and the smile on his face in his words.  He had just received four copies of my book “The Land of Milk and Honey”.  It’s not a book that will ever be published, but it’s something that is so important to JoAnne and me, as well as Simon and his family.  Who knew you could do something like this three decades ago?  It’s a gorgeous piece of art.  Not because of my or JoAnne’s photography, but because of the subject matter.  Subject hmmm… there’s a word I barely ever use.  I put this large, hardcover book together at AdoramaPix.  In yesteryear you could only see a book like this at Random House.  The quote from Simon is “It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever seen.”  His mother and family were thrilled.  Even though, over my career, I’ve contributed to 800+ hardcover books, Simon’s beautiful words were better than any large paycheck I would have gleaned from any of my Fortune 500 clients.  It’s all about the free stuff:  family, friends, health, and happiness.  It’s also great to have someone like AdoramaPix to execute your photographic design and vision.  It’s all good.


Copyright Joe DiMaggio


It sometimes amazes me, the things I forget.  Before Simon Jacob was a close friend, he was one of my students.  Simon Jacob helped me make the move to digital.

Also, you may view the book on AdoramaPix’s web page.

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