Kessler, America, Great

Hi Eric & Your Magnificent Crew

In many ways I’m just like everybody else. I’ve accepted mediocrity very slowly. I’m old enough to remember when a camera had a thousand machine parts in it made of brass, nickel, aluminum, steel and real leather.  Slowly but surely I became accepting to the fact that anything from chairs to automobiles to tripods would just become garbage in a short period of time. I know you’ve probably heard it from hundreds if not thousands of your customers, but the quality of your products makes me proud of being an American again.  Your quality in my opinion could not be better. If there is going to be a failure it will be in the operator, not in your equipment.  Thanks for all the help you’re giving me and my students.  I genuinely appreciate it.

As soon as I can put the gear to work in a non teaching application I will send you some footage.


Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio


Joe,  all I can say is wow and thank you!  This might be the kindest and assuring email I have ever received.  We are truly trying to do the USA brand proud.  It is not always easy but there are many hardworking talented Americans that are willing to do anything to make sure what goes out the door is the very best.  Many of them work for Kessler. I have a great team.  Again thank you for letting you know you see our heart in our product.  This made my day.   If there ever is a problem we will be here to fix it for you.

Eric Kessler

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