Chinese New Year Workshop

Chinese New Year.  It gets better every year.  One of the greatest things about mentoring other photographers is actually to see their photographs getting better.  It is extremely satisfying.  My mentors made it clear that I had an obligation to share their knowledge and experience which is part of my life experience.  Wow, it just gets better.  Thank you for the kind words.  Cant wait to see a few more photos.    I think everybody did a great job!



“I had an awesome time beyond words!!! My children were envious! I Thank you so much for the “wisdom” and if i may say, all the practical advice you provided is so much appreciated. Thank Dylan as well for his time shared and support to us!

I’m really looking forward to more opportunities to be a part of you workshops in the future, God-willing.”
~Marie-Vic Palu-Ay




“Thank you, so very much, for taking the time out of your precious weekend to share your knowledge, stories and laughter with me.  I had such an experience.  I can’t say enough about the day, the fun or the wonderful people I met.  I was and am so intimidated by the talent that surrounded me, I am in awe of you all!!

I’m sure I’m not the first to say… I walked away from this workshop seeing the ‘light’ and thank you for pointing it out to me!!  One can read and read and read about it, but until it ‘clicks’ it means nothing.  Joe – the moment you showed me, it clicked, and from that moment forward, I saw everything differently, you have no idea the world you opened up to me.  Thank you.”
~Barbara Schweighauser



“Thanks for a wonderful workshop.

I also started a blog:
Also, here is my dad’s site (he’s in Calgary right now looking for wolves) :
~Drew Sambol







“Joe, had a great time Sunday.  Here are a few of my pics. Hope this doesn’t blow up your server!

Hope to make it to Coney Island in June.” 

~Steve Ellis

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