Winter! Sorry, just not my thing…

I make a sincere effort to leave the north-east as much as possible between the months of January and March.  Even with more body fat that I should have, I still get extremely cold.  A week in California ranging between 62 and 76 was heaven.  For that matter, God blessed California.  It truly is a special place.  OK, here comes the two by four across my forehead!  I’m back in the upper Delaware Valley, and I have an assignment to photograph some very special jewelry from Norway.  The European client has been gracious enough to give me free rein on the style of the photos, background, and how to incorporate it into their marketing plans.  That does not happen often, but all photographers should be thankful when it does.  That’s the good news.  It’s also the BAD news.  When you’re the photographer, the producer, and the art/creative director, you’d better be careful not to OVER produce.  My answer is “KISS” keep-it-simple-stupid.  We’re going to divide the blog into three parts.  1: A controlled situation in a warm, dry, elegant, studio. 2: A location studio shot at Shahola Falls. and 3: Taking the falls back to the studio.  Lets start with #1.

The studio: simple, clean, but requires Photoshop to make the end product shot acceptable.  Both to me and certainly the client.

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Last but not least, equipment used: custom built shooting table, Gitzo tripod, Dynalite electronic flash, Tight Grid Sony Camera 135mm ziess 1.8 Lens

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