A World Without Kodak

Most photographers would disagree with almost everything: camera brands, focal length of lenses, the school of 8×10 to 35mm, and back again.  Color, black and white, c-print, r-print, die transfer, to light or not to light, in studio or out.  Lets face it, photographers don’t agree on a whole lot of things.  But I would guess, and I could be wrong, we were all weaned on Kodak film and the Kodak brand.  As a young photographer coming up I remember calling it the “Great Yellow Father”.  In my career, I’ve done several adds for Kodak, and an award winning short-film.  The idea that one day I will get up and Kodak will not be there is absolutely frightening.  My first camera, like many of my piers, was a Kodak Brownie.

“Kodak was once such a pervasive part of our lives that the “Kodak moment,” defined as a personal event that demanded to be recorded for posterity, entered our lexicon.

Now when even the most private Kodak moment seems to unfold before the digital gaze of a hundred iPhones, it looks as though Kodak’s moment has passed. The circle of life in business is a natural phenomenon, the lesson of which shouldn’t be overlooked by companies that seem to have cemented themselves into permanent spots at the top of the world today — including Apple, Google and Facebook. The lesson is: Nothing lasts forever.”
-Michael Hiltzik 2011


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