Physics Of The Future

Under normal circumstances I would not go out of my way to read a book about physics. But this book absolutely intrigued me and peaked my interest.
 I was familiar with Michio Kaku because of his presence on the Science Channel. Another good decision on my part. I’m into the second read. You have to know most photographers have limited vocabulary. Michio makes what initially seems very complicated very simple to understand. Sometimes very frightening, But that is the future. We all need to prepare for the future. An absolutely great book, a must read, just joking about my fellow photographers vocabulary. And while I’m talking about books, don’t forget Joe DiMaggio: The Long Vigil by Jerome Charyn and Pete Hamill’s new book Tabloid City.

Boy, I’m starting to feel like Oprah. Last but not least remember the Quote for Yogi Berra “The future is not what it used to be”.

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