The Captains William Shatner’s New Film

William Shatner, Liz Shatner, Joe DiMaggio & JoAnne Kalish          Photo © Marion Curtis

To All The Ships At Sea:

Only a few of you have ever asked me the name of my ship. Some of my friends and students who were slightly over 50 know who Walter Winchell was. The complete quote was “Good Evening, Mr. & Mrs. America from Border to Border and Coast to Coast and all the Ships at Sea let’s go to Press!”

Yesterday we were on the good Ship Enterprise, which hosted my long time friends Bill & Liz Shatner for Bill’s new film, which he directed and produced called the Captains. The party was a blast and to catch up and see Bill and Liz is always totally enjoyable. Like everything Bill does, it has his unique fingerprint and is always pretty amazing.

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