A Great Phone Call

I know I tend to use the same phrases over again.  To All The Ships At Sea… Sorry.  But I really am the luckiest guy in the World. It seems every time you turn around there’s bad news and enough of it will actually get to you. I’ve had a great two weeks. It started with a small but lucrative advertising shoot, rapidly followed by some great news with a new young editor, who’s going to come aboard and help me with a few projects. The best news is that he’s local. I had a wonderful chance meeting with an old friend, and a five star wedding with the Jacob & Boxer Family. Life just doesn’t get better than that.  Unless of course, my friend Bill Shatner calls which he did. Anytime I have an opportunity to talk to Bill it’s a good thing. He’s the most optimistic person in the whole world, oops maybe in the whole Galaxy. At the end of our 30 minute telephone conversation, I had a large grin on my face. Like always, Bill is up to his neck in new projects, exciting travel and oh my, he’s now flying a helicopter! The next time he’s in NY I’ll introduce him to Al Cerullo, probably the best helicopter pilot I’ve ever met.  I’m also going to end the week with two SOLD OUT WORKSHOPS in NYC.  I told you I’m a lucky Guy!

One response to “A Great Phone Call

  1. Happy to hear about your two great weeks ending with your ‘sold out’ workshops. That was a great idea to do two 1/2 day sessions. (-:

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