Monochromatic? I Don’t Think So!

Whatever level you are as a photographer, we should have one thing in common. We should constantly be looking and after we look, we should be able to see. As I was rushing to the D-Train in Brooklyn, I saw something you don’t see very often – a pay phone! I stopped,  picked the camera up, and made 3 quick frames. 2 vertical, one horizontal using the 135 at f/2 with a Singh-Ray High-Intensity filter half a stop overexposed.  Pay phones may not yet be an antique, but will soon probably be like a buggy whip by the time I go to the dark room in the sky. Oops! I mean the light room in the sky! To all the ships at sea, keep your eyes wide open. See the photograph and then make it.

Photo©Joe DiMaggio

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