Character Project

Sunday I had the pleasure of leading a photo workshop in the West Village. Before we started, I decided to take the class to the Character Project, presented by Sir Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, to see 2 short films. From the reaction of the class, they thought it was a great idea and I was extremely happy that I had an opportunity to experience the short films “Fish” and “The Fickle”. “The Fickle” is a seamless 7 – 8 minute film, done in one shot. Drop-dead great! I take my beret off to the director, Bryan Poyser. 

“Character Project is an ongoing artistic initiative committed to celebrating America’s characters – the interesting, dazzling, and distinctive people, from all walks of life, who make this country extraordinary.

Inspired by USA’s ‘Characters Welcome’ brand, Character Project launched in 2009 with a focus on photography. For its second act, USA has partnered with RSA Films and Ridley and Tony Scott, to once again turn a lens on America’s characters, this time through the medium of the moving image. Together, they commissioned eight talented filmmakers to each explore the theme of character from their own unique perspective. From lost loves to loyal friends, private heroes to public personalities, the subjects of these short films – some real, some fictional – show the courage, connection, humor, and hope that give shape to the American character. After all, characters are what make us USA.”
Visit USA’s “Character Project” webpage by following the link below:

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