Rubber Bands or how I made Gone with the Wind

Most photographers spend their freshman years developing the basic fundamental skills necessary to make a reasonable photograph. The next sophomore and junior years, they’re developing a style, a presence. They’re honing their skills in composition and lighting. As they move into their master years, I think we found out the difference between something that looks good and something that looks great could be a 3-cent rubber band. At this point, I would love to take credit for coming up with this idea. Sorry, guys, not my idea. If I knew the gentleman or lady that came up with the idea, I would certainly credit them with it. You may know my good friend Lou Long, a great photographer. He spent half of his career in Europe. He is now based in Miami Beach. He showed me a little trick with the rubber band on the fluid head. Manfrotto. And the difference is night and day. Similar to the self-timer versus the manual exposure with a finger, this removes all the sound, huffing and puffing, and gives you an unbelievably smooth pan. So go buy some rubber bands, attach them to your fluid head, and make yourself “Gone with the Wind 2”. It’s all good.

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