$200 Studio Table for $14.95

My partner JoAnne came in one day with this silly little table and with my miserable attitude, I poo-pooed it. I thought to myself, “What a dumb table!” JoAnne took it out to the lake, spent the summer and the fall sipping her white wine at sunset and then the table appeared back in the studio when the snow came. One day, I needed to do a fine art photo for my dear friend Ko for his new boutique gallery in Hong Kong. I looked over, saw the silly little table, put the small Dynalite underneath it, illuminated the heavy vase from the bottom, and added one silver reflector- wa-la! Pretty good photo. We don’t work for the table company, we don’t work for Wal-Mart, but yesterday morning I went out and bought 5 of them. Figured the students could use them. Because of the texture of the glass, I think some very dynamic photos could be made with a steaming cup of coffee all the way to a new $100 bill, shooting it backlit.

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