Sunday’s Student

                               ©Stephen Wakschal

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A Photowalk is much like a photograph; having multiple elements, location, weather, access, perspective, etc.  When the elements are in sync the result is an interesting and technically correct image and when the elements in a photowalk are in sync, the result is a most rewarding experience.  This was the case with the DUMBO Photowalk with Joe DiMaggio.  All of the elements were there; Joe’s intimate knowledge of his “subjects,” his availability to answer questions, the access to locations we were afforded and the reception we were given.  As a group we benefited from Joe’s reputation within the photography and film world.  This was a full day of “photography with photographers.”  Joe’s wit and humor fostered the bond between the group and set the mood for the experience.  I highly recommend this, and and any other workshop/photowalk with Joe DiMaggio.

              Dr. Stephen Wakschal

                                                                      ©Stephen Wakschal

                                                     ©Stephen Wakschal

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