Singh Ray: The only filter

 © 2011 Joe DiMaggio
A cool hello to all the ships at sea. There was a time in my photographic repertoire where I had 30 or 40 different filters and different sizes. In the day, there were several types of black and white film, and two or three color films you wanted to add a little pop to. Since the advent of digital, I found myself saying “Who needs filters anymore?”, especially with Photoshop. Like many other things I’ve done over the years, if I wait long enough, I’ll prove myself wrong. The reality is that I now exclusively use the best filters money can buy, and that’s Singh-ray. My relationship with Singh-ray goes back to 1974 when I purchased my first Singh-ray filter to correct my underwater housing, and it worked very well. For the most part, Singh-ray filters tend to be custom-made. All of their designs are definitely out-of-the-box. Each one has a very specific application. You may not need them all, for that matter I may not need them all, but there are few absolute essentials. The LB Color Intensifier is number one. The second is the Singh-ray Gold-N-Blue. Since the advent of DSLR video, the filter is drop dead great. Anybody who follows my work knows that I like long exposures, very long exposures. So, the next filter in my camera bag is the variable neutral density filter. Singh-ray has a filter for everyone’s application. It’s interesting to see the reaction to students when I lend them a filter. Invariably, the following workshop they’ve gone out and procured that filter. For the record, I’m not a big HDR shooter, but someone needed a sample of HDR and I knocked one out utilizing my Singh-ray LB Color Intensifier filter. I also used that filter on my Ace puppy. By the way, he loves licking that filter!
 © 2011 Joe DiMaggio
 © 2011 Joe DiMaggio

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