It was the best of times

Every once in a while, the stars and the moon align perfectly, and an elite group of photographers get together and share the beauty and the camaraderie of a photo shoot.
What would make it better is not a real photo shoot, but rather a feature film called “Lights Out,” for FX. We were all contracted to do something that sometimes we have a hard time doing. And that’s to make great photographs, ring side, at a boxing match. By now, you’re wondering if when I got up this morning, I drank a half a bottle of white lightning, followed by a crackpipe. The answer is no, I’m stone sober! And I just heard from the other side of the room, JoAnne said, “That’s scary!” She’s in the other corner.
Our elite group consisted of myself, Joe DiMaggio, John Iacono , Teddy Blackburn, Will Hart, Ken Regan, Craig Blankenhorn, and Al Bello.
The next time you wanna have a 16hr day, call any one of these great photographers, and they will give you the proper direction as applicable to not only your equipment, and your dress, but the overall attitude required to spend over that amount of time for a shoot.

© Photo Joe DiMaggio

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