2.8 And Be There

I don’t know who’s the first photographer to say “F8, and be there.” I believe the first time I heard it was 1965, but don’t quote me. Many great photos were taken “F8 and be there,” I’d rather think in terms of “2.8 and be there.”
In the case of this spontaneous, informal non-lit environmental portrait of Tony Sirico, alias Paulie Walnuts of The Sopranos, while photographing the Yuri Foreman/Miguel Cotto pre-fight press conference, and weigh-in. Tony was chatting up a few of his “Gumbas,” I was moving to field level at Yankees stadium, picked the camera up, 300ml, 2.8, Gitzo monopod, ISO 800, 500/second at 208 (clean foreground and background) focused on eyes, 6 frames, before we stopped to just shoot the proverbial. He’s a Brooklyn boy, and he’s one of my pisanos.
What we learned here, is always to be ready. Camera, card, charged battery, pre-select the focus point, pre-select the shutter speed and aperture, pick the camera up, tweak the focus,
push the damn button.

2.8 and be there, man.
© Photo Joe DiMaggio

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