Tricks of the Trade: Simple is Always Better

On a recent photo safari, I noticed one of the advanced students had a polarizing screen on in a very deep shade situation, with no reflective surface, attempting to do an environmental portrait. What I suggested- He remove the polarizing screen, he said, “It’s stuck.”
I said “No problem,” I tried to muscle it off… It didn’t work. I went to my small Kata backpack to retrieve a rubberized jar lid remover. And for whatever reason, I forgot. And then it dawned on me- what I had carried for over 20 years at SI & Time, I always carried a pair of rubber gloves. (Occasionally, a rubber chicken.)
Ok, it was a real chicken.
Concept of rubber gloves- Fingers and palms can be used to remove filters, parts of the camera,etc.. And if you get a flat, you don’t get dirty hands.
Oh, by the way, they’re only about $1.50 a pair. They also come in handy if you want to hold up the camera store. The obvious problem with that is- there are no more camera stores! Spend $1.50, get a pair of rubberized gloves, keep one in each bag, someday it will come in handy.

© Joe DiMaggio 2010

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