Baker 17 (New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell University)

What may be considered standard operating procedure for some people, other people may interpret it as great service, great care, and great concern. Here we are, it’s 2010, the world is moving at light speed and real down to earth people genuinely care about the health and well-being of a fellow human being.

This blog thing is pretty new to me and I guess if you go back and check several of them you’ll find words like, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” It’s not that I can’t think of other words to say but I am the luckiest guy in the world. The doctors, assistants, people who did physical therapy, everyone was beyond great. They care. I wasn’t a number, I wasn’t a paying customer, they genuinely cared about my health. They all worked around the clock to help me- pretty amazing. In the same vein, they worked me extremely hard- no pain no gain. And for that, I’ll always be in their debt.
They said that I was 2 weeks ahead of schedule as far as rehab is concerned. I’d like to think I’m motivated but without a good kick in the ass and a smile from these people, I don’t think I would have succeeded as well as I have.
Hugs and kisses to everyone on Baker 17. They’re in my prayers. If you ever have to go for rehab, that’s the place to go.
I guess by now you know that I have two brand new hip replacements. Last but not least, I became a member of the “Troublemakers” on Baker 17 and we had a great field trip to the Met. Photos to follow.

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